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Hello Sunshine!

My Story

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet. Im so glad you're here.

I see my role as a stylist to support my clients not just in their exterior appearance goals, but also with a holistic approach to solving their hair and scalp concerns. Also to achieve this in a compassionate, judgement free and safe space for all who step into the salon space. 

I am passionate about giving people a low toxin salon experience because I have had quite the health journey myself over the last couple years. And it has been a crazy couple years! All that stress, over stimulation and a pretty intense health crisis led me to start looking at what I was putting both on and in my body. The information I uncovered and the practices that I implemented in my own life (which subsequently came up in conversations with friends and clients, which they implemented aspects of) yielded some pretty phenomenal results. This started a cleaner living lifestyle deep dive that I haven’t concluded since. I am always searching for healthier, non toxic options for both myself and loyal clients who trust me with their hair health.

I want to point out that my journey isn’t to spread fear, but knowledge to those who wish to hear it. I welcome all guests with any opinions and preferences because I truly believe “my body, my choice” stretches to even your own personal health journey, but if you’re curious….Im here for it.

Another huge part of my business is sustainability. I love nature and so much value the healing power of it. So naturally, I want to take care of the earth. I choose to work exclusively with brands who share similar values from reforestation, donating to the 1% for Earth Foundation to sustainably sourced and organic botanicals.  On my own, I choose to use bio degradable items (gloves, cape protectors, etc), reusable/ washable items versus disposables, and am taking steps to become a Green Circle 100% carbon neutral hair stylist.

I cant wait to meet you!

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