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Current service offerings with descriptions and timing so you can plan your day and price points.

Color services

Includes haircut/trim and all styling.

Color Maintenance/
Grey Coverage $96 - $150

For guests who have had their root or all over color done within the last 8-10 weeks and are looking to cover approximately 1-2 inches of outgrowth at the root.

~Short/pixie length: $96
~Medium Length Hair: $115
~Long Hair: $136
~Extra Long/Thick Hair: $150
(1.75-2.5 hours)


Foils may be added a la carte for current clients for an additional charge. New clients book one of the Highlighting options below. 

Big Color Changes/All Over Color  $146 - $250

 For guests who have NOT had a color service in the last 8-10 weeks and need one color applied root to tip. Includes haircut and styling.

~Medium Length Hair: $146

~Long Hair: $198

~Extremely Long/Thick Hair: $215-$250
(2-3 hours)

Dimensional Color: Highlights, Blonding, Balayage
and Reverse Balayage

Includes color service, haircut and styling.

$235 - $325

Full Foil Highlight w/Haircut and style.

For guests looking for a multi dimensional (multi color), lower maintenance service option who have NOT had foils in approximately 8 weeks or are looking for a bigger sense of change. Also for one color fantasy colors that require prelightening. For fantasy color refreshing (pull through only), please use the Big Color Change/All Over Color Option.

 (3-4 hours)

$235-$325 depending on hair length, density and complexity of lightening.

Partial Highlight w.Haircut and Style

For current guests only looking for a quicker maintenance option in between their regular appointments. They have approximately 6-8 weeks of outgrowth and just need foils to blend around their hairline and the part line. 
$175-$250 depending on hair length, density and complexity of style (2-3 hours)

Mini Halo-Fantasy COlor

$115 - $225

This is a modified placement where we only lighten and deposit color around the hairline (think money piece) but all around the back as well. This gives maximum pop of color all around that still grows out softly and is great for anyone who wants to play with the idea of fantasy while staying a touch conservative. It has turned into my kid/pre-teen specialty but is available to anyone. Both options include all product, haircut and styling.

New Mini Halo with pre-lightening:  $190-$225 depending on hair length and density
2-2.5 hours
Mini Halo Color Only Refresher: $115-$150 depending on hair length and density
1.5 hours

Scalp Facials

$120 - $160

For guests looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating spa like scalp and haircare experience. 
~Scalp and hair consultation/evaluation.
~Scalp exfoliation and detox.
~Nourishing scalp “skincare” application.
~Deep clarifying treatment for hair.
~Customized hair mask.
~Extended scalp, hand and arm massage.
~Hot towel and stream with aromatherapy.
~Blowdry Style.
~Herbal Tea/Beverage 
$120 (75 Min)
$145 with Aloe facemask and

Gua Sha Massage (90 min)
$160 with Haircut (120 Min)

Truly Custom

Without Styling $38- $45
Scissor cut only: $45 (45min)
Clipper Cut: $38 (45min)

With Styling $54- $90

~Curl Crafting Specialty Cut: $72 (75min)
~Scissor cut/style: bobs and bixies,

chin length $54 (50 min)
~Scissor cut/style: Medium Length: Touches the shoulders, above collarbone $75 (60min)
~Scissor cut/style: Long Hair $90 (75min)

Add a Charcoal Scalp Detox for $10 to any of the above services.

Clean Beauty/
Product Review

$45 includes $10 product credit.

This can be a stand alone service or add onto another service. This (in salon only) option requires a little bit of homework. Simply bring in 3-5 products that you use the most and we will deep dive into their ingredient list. Here we can discuss effectiveness, toxicities, and whether they are helping or hurting your hair and health goals. We can then review alternative options where necessary. 45min

Style only


     Medium Length Hair:$45

     Long Hair: $60

Add a Charcoal Scalp Detox for $10 to any of the above services.

 Formal Style: $120 in salon

Bridal Services

All bridal inquiries please visit:

A La Carte

For current clients only.

Add on deep conditioner: $30

Color Maintenance only, less than 8 week regrowth: $80

Add on foils to any color maintenance appointment:

face frame: $43

partial: $64

full: $88

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