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Justine Therese Hair

Are you ready for a slightly unconventional approach to your hair? No two heads of hair are the same. We have bumps and lumps and cowlicks and mixed textures and densities all on one head of hair.


Let’s discuss your personal hair goals and break the traditional beauty rules that have been letting you down to create a color, a cut and a series of styles that you can recreate at home with the tools you have and are comfortable using. Want to learn something new? We can do that too! But my goal is never to send you out the door with something you can’t feel amazing about styling yourself when you are at home.


Let’s talk about:

Realistic maintenance schedules. It’s okay to need low maintenance and it’s okay to be high maintenance. Let’s plan accordingly.

Clean Beauty goals (if you have them, if not that’s fine too)

How your overall health and hormones affect your hair. This one is huge and no one talks about it enough in my opinion!

How that photo in your phone may or may not be attainable AND maintainable for you and come up with the a plan that actually fits both!


I’m here to shatter beauty standards and proclaim: There Are No Rules!


How can I help you fall in love with your reflection?

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Slightly Unconventional 

About Justine

My name is Justine Therese. An empath at heart, helping people feel beautiful and feel good about how they get there is my priority. Let's live for the colorful things in life! I believe your hair is no exception! The best part of my job is the amazing relationships that I have formed with so many of my clients of all ages. From teaching a young girl how to take care of her beautiful natural curls to amazing women who I have learned so much about living from. 


Things that make my heart smile:

~Helping my clients embrace their natural hair while providing treatments and services that inspire confidence turning frizzy curls into bouncy, defined and healthy curls.

-Hair and Scalp Rejuvenation Ritual Facials to jumpstart healthy hair growth from a nurtured scalp.

-Transforming hair into lived in dimension that allows you to look sunskissed without a ton of maintenance.

-Teaching you about the inner workings of hair follicles and growth/shedding cycles so you can understand and properly care for your hair folicles. I am truely enamored with my job! 

I can't wait to meet you


Online Booking Available. Please visit my services page for details and pricing on any of the beautiful solutions I provide.

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