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Video tutorials

Here you can find links to the full videos from clips that I have posted on social media. Do you have a question, tutorial request or concern? I would love to hear about it and make a video for you because if you have a question, I can guarantee there are many other people that share the same concerns. Simply reach out via e-mail, through DMs on Instagram, or via text @ (860)268-2073 then stay tuned for your video response. 

Making the Clean Beauty Changes

Want to clean up your beauty routine but are completely overwhelmed? Does non-toxic, sustainable and eco friendly sound amazing but also intimidate as to where to start? Check out the video for a little guidance.

GRWM Hair and Scalp Oiling Benefits Chat

Get ready with me as we chat about the reasons why hair and scalp oiling is a beautiful addition to your self care routine that can stimulate hair growth, nurture follicles, add moisture and reduce frizz for overall healthier and happier hair.

Who doesn't benefit from hair and scalp oiling?

Hair Oiling is an amazing self care option to add into your routine that can nurture the scalp, stimulate hair growth and add moisture , shine and manageability to the hair. However, some hair types benefit more or even a little less from it. Watch the video to learn more.

How to do an overnight hair mask.

Here is the how and the why. If you're only leaving your hair mask in for 3-5 minutes in the shower (which is what the bottle says right?), you are getting a FRACTION of the benefits. Its not always easy to work in a 30 minute treatment into your schedule so this is a great option for an alternative.

How to apply product to type 2/3 wavy/curly hair.

How to apply product to Type 2/3 Wavy/Curly hair for even distribution and a more polished curl set. 

How to revive Day 3 curls/waves in 4 minutes

Heres a quick revive routine that I love especially in the winter to revive slept on curls that literally takes 4 minutes. 

Proteins VS Oils in hair care: explained.

Choosing the right hair products for your hair type can be super intimidating. Here is a basic breakdown of the two main active ingredients and what they do. 

Hair Shedding is NOT
Hair Loss

100 hairs a day are supposed to fall out of your head! It's totally normal. Have you noticed an uptick lately? Let's talk about it.

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