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Cancellation policy

Listen, we're all human and sometimes last minute things come up! I try to be compassionate to both clients and myself. I have on more than one occasion paid my massage therapist for an appointment that I accidentally booked too soon after a tattoo that I forgot to reschedule soon enough. Her name is Nicole, she's amazing and she can totally vouch for this fact!

Everyone gets a free pass. Then a reminder of the cancellation policy. Please be mindful when scheduling your appointments not to book them when you are are on-call to a physical job. Need to work while I do your hair? No problem at all! 

Chronic no shows or last minute cancellations (within 48 hours of appointment) will be charged 50% of the originally booked service. If no card is stored on file, this payment must be made before any future appointments will be approved. 

In extreme cases of chronic occurrences, I may ask for prepayment or refer client to a "walk-in" model salon for a better fit. 

Tardiness: Within 15 minutes, we can work with, please reach out via text to give me a heads up so I don't worry. After 15 minutes, we may need to reschedule depending on the service or adjust the service to accommodate the remaining time of appointment.  

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